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Zero Skills Zero Capital, How can Pips Pay My Bills?

Pips pay bills, full time Forex traders understand what i am saying here. But if you lack Skills and appropriate capital there is no way you are getting paid. In this modern day and age people are not paid from their boot strength rather paid from their Brain strength. Until you differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd by showing potential, that’s when you get paid. Doctors, Therapists, Pilots, Astronauts etc are getting paid for their skills. Professional traders get paid by extracting pips from the market place, it is the skill of trading that keeps them surviving over and over. Good news is you can learn it too if you have the right mindset and a proper mentor its the Ultimate truth that you can achieve it.

Today i am going to tell you why many traders can’t pay bills with Trading and how you can break the chain and become the one.

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OK so one of the easiest skill to learn is TRADING because if you focus seriously with it then within a year and half you can become a very good trader. Every trader I come across with, either on social media or emails that i receive on a daily basis, i meet traders with so much potential to conquer the market but there is a reason why 90% of traders lose money.

ZERO CAPITAL and the Belief to Grow big from Nothing. They once said “YOU NEED MONEY TO MAKE MONEY” these guys where not stupid at all. It is very true that you need money to make some, its even true that you need to loose some to make more. In whatever business you are, entrepreneurs will understand me well that money is important and lack of cash is the number one reasons why companies and corporations run out of business. The trading industry has one thing that always leaves me fascinated about, the issue of making traders believe that you can make a fortune from nothing i d blame social media for this. Some brokers even reach a point to accept $1 as a deposit and retail traders fall into this trap.

True story, I remember back when i was new to the markets i had access to some little bit funds. I had a small separate business that would make me around $30 to $50 on a weekly basis and everything was smooth. There came a time that i wanted to start live trading and that is just 3 weeks after been introduced to the markets. So every week i would just deposit all what i made into the Mt4 and by the end of the week i had made nothing rather loosing it all, this habit kept on going and after 4 months the other business was about to die and without stopping it would be dead by now. But surprisingly my trading had never improved even by an inch and what i learned fast is that this business can make you broke in a blink of an eye especially if you are new and have access to funds.

Capital and skills goes hand in hand, most people have access to capital but lack the skill and vice versa. I would advice that even if you got capital its better you invest in the knowledge. Since capital without skill is like driving a car without brakes down the highway. Many traders have the dream of going Forex full time but you have to pay the price, not everyone will be able to do so unless they are willing to pay the price.

That is the first step to break the chain. If you can’t afford going full time trading due to lack of capital then look on to your savings and save more from your current job. Make sure you have enough cash flow from the side job before going trading full and give it a privilege to pay bills. It is your duty to shape your life, you are responsible and you are the only one to take it to the next Level. Yes Pips Pay Bills, But With A Combination Of Both Capital and Skills All at once.

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