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Watch How 1628.11 Euros Was Made in a Day (Enough to pay your 3 months bills)

Dont Get too depressed on losses or celebrate too much on winners because at the end of the day you just to take the next TRADE

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I know it sounds ridiculous or so good to be true or even impossible for an average teenage guy making thrice as much as a  top manager making per month. Making 1628 euros a day, just think of it at the end of the month when a manager receives his paycheck  and a trader requesting a withdrawal from the broker. #twodifferentlevels

1628.11 euros on a standard conversion rate (2711.51) to Tanzania shillings makes a total of 4,414,650 TZS

Now Watch this video below and and see how 1628 euros was banked (raw video)

Financial intelligence is nothing else but the ability to control CASH FLOW, the problem a lot of people make is that their are ready to loose millions and millions of cash for formal education which i am not saying is bad but it has little or no impact on living the good life, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE AND HAPPINESS  are the four pillars of the good life which can be obtained with financial education the ability to control your money and multiplying it with proper investments.


The trade was based on NZDUSD short entry where using our trading system it was possible to spot the trade 2 days ago and all what mattered was the patience to wait for price to approach our kill zone.

Forex Trading is the world of constant Temptation and involves risk taking, profxtigers is dedicated to share this knowledge with you  and take your trading to the next level in the ULTIMATE PROFICIENT COURSE.

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David Ephlaim
David Ephlaim
2 years ago

I want to know how it work?

Columbus Mcpike
Columbus Mcpike
1 year ago

Really great information, thanks for the share and insights! I will recommend this to my friends for sure.

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