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In this article I will be talking of my personal experience of earning big money with Trading. Talking of big money earning experience am not talking of monthly, annual basis or Trading on behalf of other people am talking of closing a 4-5 figure Trade instantly of my own money. While it may not be a lot of money to some, but in where I come from closing a 4 figure/2 Million Tzs To a 5 figure/20 Million Tzs in a day its surely a serious amount of money.
Usually on articles like this you find pictures of people posing with Ferrari’s or on expensive locations, yes with money you can do big things but it’s not always the case and it’s not the only part of making a lot of money.
To inexperienced Guys like the way I was, when it comes to Making Big money it involves a lot of emotions and worst of all serious financial mistakes that will set you back to achieve your ultimate goal, and that is the part I will be talking about today for you to learn since at one point as long as you keep working hard with trading you will reach it, so take a pen and paper and not this down.
Let’s start with my first withdrawal experience, I started trading at mid-2016 things as a newbie was that I was making some money and later losing it all, that is why I can’t account those being my withdrawals since I never grew an account consistently to experience a huge withdraw, the odds where make some loose all. Things started to fly seriously around the end of 2017 where on February 2018 there is where I made my first serious withdrawal of $2800. By that time I was at my 3rd year as a college student all of years at college where years of being broke, trying different businesses to make money only finding myself losing it all.
Having such ability of cashing out so much money just per trade made me go insane at first, I remember I blew the whole withdraw lending people money recklessly and buying thing I didn’t really need at the time it’s funny how you can look back as see how much you could have done bigger wiser things. Believe me it didn’t change my life, I still had the same problems like before nor did the money make me any closer to my dreams, you know most people think if you make a lot of money all of your problems will disappear but in reality when you reach there you will find that it’s not the truth. In fact a month later I had a Sleep deprivation problem and drastic weight gain. You know when you’re making $50-$100 per trade it’s no big deal staying away from your laptop, but when you know that you could stay there and make around $1000 per trade it surely becomes difficult to stay away from the laptop.

Another bad and deadly thing you will encounter once you start making big money with trading is social media approval and gratification from people especially this new generation traders like me, with this I learned the hard way. With posting big amount of live account profits every day I started getting numerous positive comments of admiration from my followers it made me become even more hungry to break my limits for me to get more of the admiration at the time I was posting my live account making $1000 per trade so I thought to myself what if I could risk more of my account just to show off bigger profits and get the peoples approval. Surely you won’t understand me until this demon gets into you. By risking more I got more following and positive comments since I was showing off my EUR live account daily, thing went by, then not so long month two month later I went into a losing period which everyone goes as long as you’re a trader. What a heck because I was over risking a lot of money on my account I went into a draw down where I loosed 30% of my account $8000 what a big lesson uunnhh!! So earning big money can be treacherous sometimes.

As old saying go “money comes with fame altogether” maybe this may not be a general point of view but if you don’t make your money like those computer coding secret engineers at silicon valley, you will acquire fame with it definitely. To me people around got astonished how my life changed without any real job, most of my friends spend a night at my apartment with me even ready to sleep on the floor just for me to teach them to trade that was even where profxtigers was born. This made me acquire a lit bit of this money guy fame to the people who know me. Believe me this came as a negative thing to me because if I were to go to an average lunch place friends would mock me around for it.

I believe at some point as long as you persist you will acquire success with trading so take the above information as a motivation on the positive side of it and also a precautionary measure on the negative side of it. Thank you for taking time to read this all the best with trading and have a Blue pipping week. For those interested to learn how to trade the forex market click this to join my trading program for you to become a profitable independent trader

Until next time yours sincere.

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Marco charles
Marco charles
1 year ago

I got a very clear and understandable knowledge from your message, but brother have you thought of assisting people who are seriously in need of the forex knowledge by reducing the cost of training at least to 30000-40000Tsh for online classes even for three days am among of those who need to know how forex knowledge do people use to earn money but i cant afford the current training fee of 350000Tsh

Kelvin Joshua
Kelvin Joshua
1 year ago

thats great..moki

Caleb Ploszaj
Caleb Ploszaj
1 year ago

Thanks for the great info! Looking forward to more updates on this.

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