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I have been Trading Forex for months  now and i cant  get through and succeed to achieve my Goals this must be my trading strategy its not accurate that’s why am not progressing and loosing money!

This are the everyday common misconception that traders fall into i don’t want to bash-out your dreams you have with Trading but if that above is you please pay attention because am about to save you money,time and stress.

There is nothing wrong  day dreaming and wishfully thinking but when you’re, do it smartly avoid being disappointed when your reality wont look anywhere closer to your dreams no matter what effort you put in.

To make things simple here, Trading Forex is not what you see on social media marketing somebody making millions on his phone while driving a Ferrari to the beach nor what your False Guru told  you that he made it in month trading Forex and living luxurious with it now!

All those fancy marketing techniques are designed to put you on the  platform to trade Forex live, make the marketer money living you confused.

Here is the takeaway to understand:

You feel that you in-love with trading playing with decimal places together with economies


delete everything you have in your head about what trading could change in your life and approach it as i want to do my best to earn the freedom that trading can give me, because that’s the only reality that you will surely achieve anywhere in the near future.

I have been trading and training others to do so for years, i have seen it all i can surely say the ups the downs from me and from others.

Trading is a very good thing to do. Approach it with the only freedom mentality, picture yourself making 30% ROI  from your investment Annually just from your laptop with no any whatsoever expenses rather than the internet bundle

Think if you can do that each year how much will grow financially over the years, how much opportunities will you attract. Understand even our most precious precious banks we love don’t offer such ROI for your money they offer not even a quarter of that, picture clearly what opportunities will you attract with this.

This is high time to shift your mindset adopt a longtime view of trading, dream for the freedom it will bring, by not having to run for a 9-5 job of which your boss is you’re worst night mare, dearest speaking its having total control of your life.

Now start applying all those necessary steps of becoming a profitable trader  such as Investing time to better your trading craft, Risk Management plans and so on, get into trading for the long-haul and not for Get rich quick mentality there is nothing like that.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and also just for making our  community a better place by investing in yourself with the right information.

Please give me a comment about your views, share this if you have someone you want this information to reach to, until next time bye.

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Kelvin Makundi
Kelvin Makundi
1 year ago

Great post!!

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