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PRO FX TIGERS LIMITED is a registered financial markets training company incorporated under the Companies Act 2002.

No: 138950085

TIN: 138-950-085

With a combined experence of 6 years trading the financial markets. PRO FX TIGERS LIMITED has become the largest Trading Platform in East and Central Africa as well as having a worldwide base of Members.


OUR PERFORMANCE IS MEASURED BY OUR STUDENTS THAT WE HAVE CREATED. We have devoted countless of hours to ensure we create well educated and independent traders, we have numerous independent sources online, with positive reviews about our programs all reviewed buy our students independently.


After Moki.jr Being in Couple of business such as Agriculture business and Retail shops businesses without Any success. He then heard his cousin brother Talking of this so called Forex trading opportunity. 

Moki.Jr did, short research’s on the business he then Gave a shot to Forex trading by Mid of 2016

After a long hustle of blowing Tens of Trading Accounts nearby to quit, he then Had throw in another Shot at the business by working with Various Successful Forex Traders around the globe who mentored Moki.jr and helped him design his own Trading style of which made him a success story at the business.

This is what made some of his friends and Family get interested on his skills and asked him to Teach them what he does, By this Moki.jr saw an opportunity of which he could help more people by Teaching them his Trading methodology and help them learn form his mistakes

There is where Moki.Jr and his Trading friend Raymond. H, Founded PRO FX TIGERS


Our program enables anyone from any background only willing to dedicate his efforts to learn to become independent and successful as a trader we don’t sell our student to Getting rich quickly mindset but to Getting rich for sure mindset.


From Becoming a web designer and a back end programmer to a professional Forex trader back in the mid of 2016 when every thing changed after meeting my friend Moki.jr who was still struggling to master his trading craft.

My trading journey was not easy as people perceive in the internet. I came through a lot mostly blowing a numerous number of trading accounts, shifting from broker to broker thinking that they where the reasons of my failures. But it was only when i realized knowledge was the key to success and consistent discipline with the markets.

My trading edge clicked when i became disciplined and consistent in what i did, I became famous for winning a challenge of taking a 27$ account to a 1000$ plus account within few months of trading, and won twice beating all other traders in the competition.

There came the need of helping other struggling traders to master the skill of trading by founding Pro Fx Tigers Infinity Profits, the Wealth creation Platform.

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