British Lawmakers voted to withhold approval for new Brexit deal of prime minister Boris Johnson.

  • Boris Johnson has to request an extension to Brexit from the EU after losing a vote on an amendment tabled by Oliver Letwin. The Letwin amendment, which puts a brake on Brexit, was passed by 322 votes to 306.
  • The prime minister insisted he would “not negotiate a delay with the EU, and neither does the law compel me to do so”. Jeremy Corbyn told him he must comply with the law and the SNP’s Ian Blackford warned Johnson could end up in court.

The humiliating defeat, however, did not deal a fatal blow to the withdrawal agreement he negotiated in Brussels. Johnson said he planned to press ahead and seek approval of his Brexit deal in the coming week.

Britain remains deeply divided over Brexit. On Saturday, organizers estimated that protests pushing for a second referendum drew 1 million people into the streets of London in on-and-off rain.

johnson is relying in part on “Brexhaustion” to get his deal passed. Number crunchers said the outcome would be too tight to call, but there were ways he could secure a majority.

Saturday’s successful amendment, from Conservative Party rebel Oliver Letwin, was designed to box in Johnson — so he cannot force Britain to leave the European Union until lawmakers have scrutinized and passed all necessary legislation for an orderly exit.

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